The future is bright, but we can help make it brighter. We’ve got the latest headlights to bring your car or truck out of the dark ages. Shop for tried and true OEM quality halogen headlights, or upgrade to super sharp LED headlights. Driving without proper lighting is not only unsafe, can be illegal depending on your state’s inspections.
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Was considering maybe doing some vinyl tint wrap (light smoke) or a light coating of some stay tint on my Dart's headlights & tail lights when I get it. Does anyone know if this is legal in TX? I don't want to get pulled over. But if I do, I'd like it to be easily removable.
Any tail light, together with any separate light for illuminating the rear registration plate, shall be so wired as to be lighted whenever the headlights or auxiliary driving lights are lighted, except where separate lighting systems are provided for trailers for the purpose of illuminating such registration plate. (B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

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Is it illegal to have your vehicle tail lights tinted in the state of Maryland? - Answered by a verified Traffic Lawyer We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.
* Red lights to the front. They are illegal except on emergency vehicles (24003 VC). * Tail lights that incorporate a bulb with a red tint or coating. In general, custom tail lights that incorporate a clear outer shell and red inner lens are legal (24011 VC). If they don't incorporate reflectors, they must be added to the vehicle (24607 VC).

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Do you get pulled over for tinted tail lights in NYC and are 50% tints worth the money? I am getting my rear windshield tinted dark because it is legal. I want to tint my front and back windows and also my tail lights but I don't think it is worth the hassle of constantly getting pulled over and going to court to try and get the tickets removed.
While testing during the vehicle inspection is new, the tinting standards are not. Since 1992, New York State law has required that all windshield and front side windows allow at least 70 percent of outside light to pass through. It’s only after-market or additional tinting added to a window that may cause a problem.

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3+ Owners. 1st owner purchased on 08/17/10 and owned in NY until 06/04/12 • 2nd owner purchased on 10/10/12 and owned in NJ until 12/08/12 • 3rd owner purchased on 05/09/13 and owned in VA until 10/17/15.
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Made from acrylic (methyl methacrylate), these C7 tail lights have a 5 percent tint to them, still giving you a blackout look while also keeping your tail lights completely visible to other drivers. Generic brands or off the shelf C7 Corvette blackout covers may offer you a very nice blacked out look for your rear end, but they may also make ...

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I was wondering if anyone else has ordered BlueBat's GTR tail light overlays, and how they came out. He has pictures up on a blue car. But I was wondering how they looked on a black? and how dark should I get them the 3/10 or 6/10? Thanks guys

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Neither headlights or tail lights are meant to be tinted. I don't care what you have done and not been ticketed for, or that you haven't been rear ended. I can't tell you how many people that I have nearly ran over because they tinted the lenses on the brake lights.

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